Sabre® Adhesive Technology

We create, develop, and deliver adhesive technologies that possess tangible value and differentiation for our clients. Our mission is to offer and provide premium and high-quality adhesives that are functional and suited to specific individual needs. Developed through an understanding of adhesive innovation and an insight to industry challenges, our Sabre® product families have earned trust and respect among clients that partner with Maxilam.

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Our Technologies

Sabre Fix

Sabre Fix represents a complete range of adhesives, sealants, foams, and industrial tapes specifically targeted at construction and construction-orientated industries. Sabre Fix is a seamless solution for all construction bonding, sealing, and filling applications. It has a wide diversity across the product range to suit a vast spectrum of materials and construction environments. As the use of construction methods and materials has continued to evolve, so has the Sabre Fix. Utilizing market-leading product chemistries that provide enhanced results for users, and has created the unique reputation that Sabre Fix holds for technical excellence and quality.

Sabre Fix - Adhesive Maxilam

Sabre Grip

Sabre Grip represents our specialist range of highly advanced solvented adhesive systems. These are developed for diverse applications where flexibility and application speeds are critical. The Sabre Grip spray canister system provides a faster and cleaner application, increasing bottom-line profitability.
The Sabre Grip range contains high-tack properties for multi-use environments, specially formulated to give improved penetration into difficult substrates and to have high thermal stability. The product portfolio extends across many industries, with a complete range customized to different applications, requirements, and strength parameters. Within the Sabre Grip range are specialist products that have been developed in conjunction with the acoustic industry for Autex Composition® and Vertiface® applications.

Sabre Grip - Adhesive Maxilam

Sabre Melt

The Sabre Melt range is the development of specialist liquid moisture-curing polyurethanes for industrial applications, formulated to exhibit exceptional green-strength properties, flexibility, and temperature performance. Sabre Melt Hotmelts are developed with unique fast-curing characteristics, meaning that production lines can be optimized to maximize output capacity. With a characteristically wide adhesion spectrum, Sabre Melt allows manufacturers to achieve better results, particularly with high-memory materials often found in volume applications. Sabre Melt is a natural choice for high-speed production environments looking to optimize adhesive performance and overall cost efficiency.

Sabre Melt - Adhesive Maxilam

Sabre Seal

The Sabre Seal range represents the leading edge of sealant technology across a diverse profile of environments in transportation and construction. In Transportation, Sabre Seal products have been developed to exhibit high UV resistance and to withstand harsh and demanding climates along with exposed environments. In construction, Sabre Seal products are used throughout both commercial and residential infrastructure, with wide capabilities and adhesion parameters to provide the ultimate sealant finish to projects. With BRANZ appraisal and certification on core Sabre Seal products, these products have undertaken extensive testing and performance analysis to ensure these products are fit for purpose across industry requirements.

Sabre Seal - Adhesive Maxilam

Sabre Bond

The Sabre Bond range encompasses a premium specialist range of adhesives and sealants, engineered for high-performance bonding applications where quality and structural integrity are critical. The Sabre Bond product family is as diverse as it is deep, covering multiple chemistries for unique applications and challenging conditions. Developed and refined through years of continuous improvement and innovation, Sabre Bond holds a distinct market position as the ultimate solution for environments that demand durability, versatility, and flexibility.

Sabre Bond - Adhesive Maxilam

Custom Solutions

Innovation is in our DNA. Maxilam offers bespoke adhesive formulations in order to solve unique client challenges and provide fit for purpose solutions. With a strong technical presence, many leading organisations have partnered with Maxilam to create unique innovations and achieve precise results together. Our portfolio for innovation extends across multiple sectors and product chemistries.