2–Component Liquid Polyurethanes (Panel Lamination Series)

Polyurethane Lamination Adhesive

Complete range of bespoke, fast-curing, single-component Liquid Polyurethane (PUR) adhesives, for laminating and panel manufacturing industries developed for bonding foam insulation materials to a wide spectrum of plastics, metals and woods.
Manufactured by global supply chain partner Leeson Polyurethanes, it has been developed for specialist applications and demanding climatic environments, with market-leading performance characteristics.
Used internationally for a wide range of applications, including insulated truck panels, SIPS, building panels, and specialised A2 - rated Facade Panels.
Its ease of application, high solids content, and one-way stick characteristics ensures fast, low-cost coverage. The cured adhesive exhibits excellent flexibility and resistance to heat, moisture, and chemicals, and can withstand wide temperature ranges (-40°C to +140°C) without loss of strength.

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  • Product Features

    • Good temperature performance
    • Range of curing speeds
    • Range of viscosities
    •High-performance characteristics

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