Sabre CC Citrus Cleaner

Adhesive Cleaner

Sabre CC Citrus Cleaner is an environmentally safe, biodegradable, citrus cleaner developed to remove Sabre Adhesives, wet or dried, from unwanted areas. It is also effective for equipment cleanup, degreasing, overspray and removing other materials such as grease, oil, ink, stickers and tar. This cleaner utilises strong citrus oil solvents which not only clean well but also leave a pleasant citrus aroma. SABRE SCC is safe to use on many surfaces and substrates including painted surfaces, glass, porcelain, concrete, decorative laminates, and many plastics and vinyls.

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  • Product Features

    • Effective for removing adhesive overspray on Sabre Grip contact adhesives
    • Can be connected to Sabre Grip Canister application equipment for efficient cleanup.
    • Environmentally safe & biodegradable, and leaves a pleasant citrus aroma.

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