Sabre Bond SMP60

High Strength Adhesive

Sabre Bond SMP60 is a high-strength structural primerless bonding adhesive /sealant based on MS Polymer.
It has high UV stability, excellent flexibility, and is chemically neutral. Ideal for the production of heavy-duty interior / exterior bonded applications, including high-traffic flooring, transport, production industry and building construction. Contains specialist industrial bonding technology for applications with powerful bond strength requirements, and high-performance mechanical properties.

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  • Product Features

    • High Bond Strength – Excellent mechanical performance properties, and flexibility for movement accommodation.
    • Excellent UV Stability – Developed with advanced silyl-modified polymer (MS Polymer) technology for proven long-term performance in the harsh AU/NZ environment.
    • Primerless Adhesion - Wide adhesion spectrum across porous and non-porous substrates.

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