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Delivering Partnerships that Grow people and business

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Who We Are

Maxilam is a specialist and highly unique adhesives company, with a vision to deliver partnerships that grow people and business. Striving to redefine industry benchmarks and push boundaries, we exist to bring forward the latest innovation and chemistry developments to leading companies and manufacturers. A family owned and operated firm at its core, Maxilam has been developed from principles founded in integrity to grow into a mature organization with commercial acumen, a true desire for innovation, and an international perspective.

Maxilam has facilities and representation in New Zealand and Australia, and since its inception in 2005, we have dedicated our time to delivering high quality, premium adhesive solutions to the marketplace, building relationships founded on integrity and honesty.

Our Purpose

We view clients as partners, rather than as customers. This perspective and approach is embraced by many leading organizations we partner with to challenge the boundaries of performance, and cost-efficiency of adhesive technologies. We are not for everyone. Maxilam collaborates with companies that embrace innovation and competitive differentiation, to deliver results that possess tangible commercial value.

Our purpose can only be aligned with companies that view the adhesive environment as an important factor in their supply chain. Our methodology is based upon an approach that extends beyond the product itself, to encompass tangible performance, efficiency, and quality improvements that creating transformational partnerships.

Our People

The team at Maxilam have profound experience with client challenges and how to harness the essence of those challenges and objectives, to successfully deliver solutions that can be commissioned and implemented.

Outside the necessity of a strong technical presence and aptitude for product applications, we pride ourselves on the ability to work collaboratively with clients to leverage different perspectives, gain insight, and intimately understand the client situation. We are connected to a global network of technical expertise, chemists, engineers, and independent consultants. Who of which enables us to draw on in-depth expertise from various sectors in order to create successful product development for our clients.

Our Values

Maxilam’s DNA is based around integral values that have formed the spirit, culture, and attitude of the organization. These values are inherent in everything that we do, and every decision we make. These values are guiding principles that have originated from the vision of the Maxilam founders and continue to act as a compass for our company’s future.

Embrace learning and education

We want to bring a spirit of learning to everything that we do. We realize to keep relevant and be trusted advisors to our clients we must be expanding our knowledge and skillsets every day.

Create a culture of respect & trust

We create inclusion, teamwork and in staff we install the ability to solve problems and reach potential. Maxilam gives staff the opportunity to take on responsibility and trusts them to deliver.

Always deliver on a promise

We stand by our word, as simple as that. Being a family-based organization, we believe this strongly demonstrates integrity and honesty to ourselves, our colleagues and the community. We do what we say we will, thriving in going beyond the call of duty.

Constantly Raise the bar

We see the need to constantly push for higher standards on our work. To innovate we must act with agility and resilience to improve our performance. Raising the bar covers every aspect of our work because our standards define our brand and who we are.

Make decisions in the best interest of the customer

We treat their needs and pains as our own, striving to provide solutions that are aligned with those that our clients are seeking to achieve. We are prepared to wear short-term losses ourselves in the best interest of the customer if it helps to consolidate a long-term partnership together.

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Advance your career with Maxilam

We believe that at the heart of a company is a team that is aligned in personal and company values and is dedicated to making a difference. We love to draw great talent and unique skillsets to help grow and build our team. Click the link below to get in touch with our HR & Talent team at Maxilam to discuss opportunities – We would love to hear from you.