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What We Do

Redefining Innovation

Maxilam is made up of adhesive specialists committed to developing adhesive chemistry to solve client challenges and create outcomes that shape the future. Combining the latest advancements in adhesive technology and our expertise, allows Maxilam to market solutions and technical advice that is relevant, practical, and applicable. Behind Sabre® is Polyurethane, MS Polymer, Epoxy, Silicone, and Solvent-based adhesive chemistries.

Clients partner with Maxilam, not solely because of our unique adhesive technologies, but because of our collaborative approach and desire to form partnerships. We take a truly customer-oriented approach focusing on the key issues, challenges, and objectives of our clients, and have the flexibility to tailor to this. We have discovered that organisations truly desire an adhesive partner that can bring real and tangible innovation at a strategic level, whilst raising the benchmark in performance and bottom-line value.


With our extensive testing facilities, Maxilam has the ability to ensure the correct products are specified and supplied to meet the long-term functionality of any given bonding requirements. 
Given the increasingly demanding parameters of adhesive use, full consideration must be given to the operational requirements of finished components or structures.
Full compatibility testing accelerated age testing, dynamic tensile and compression testing of products from -40°C to 350°C, can be conducted to give assurance of durability and product functionality throughout the service period of any component or structure. 


Our Methodology

01 Listen

We believe that the first, most critical step in the process of successful custom development is to listen. We bring our technical team directly to where you are situated to get a thorough and in depth understanding of the key issues, challenges, environments, production factors, and other elements that are of importance.

02 Strategize

Providing free consulting, our technical team liaises with yours. This is directly to brainstorm various opportunities and potential solutions in order to ensure the field of development will be successful. Having both parties able to clearly articulate the key objectives that need to be met, and what a successful solution would look like will determine the partnership success.

03 Develop

We then work with our strong network of technical expertise and product development teams, both externally and internally to engineer, formulate, or source an adhesive solution fit-for-purpose. We carry out extensive testing procedures in laboratory and simulated environments to best replicate client scenarios.

04 Validate

Once we are comfortable that we have a successful adhesive solution to put forward to the client, we then work alongside the client to test and validate that the product is fit-for-purpose and meets the agreed objectives. Resulting in gaining direct and instant feedback from the client.

05 Deliver

We seek to iron out any teething problems / minor issues and help the client in successfully onboarding the product. Whilst commissioning the solution in their work environment and monitoring results periodically.

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Advance your career with Maxilam

We believe that at the heart of a company is a team that is aligned in personal and company values and is dedicated to making a difference. We love to draw great talent and unique skillsets to help grow and build our team. Click the link below to get in touch with our HR & Talent team at Maxilam to discuss opportunities – We would love to hear from you.